BetterFloss Pro

3 water flow levels
Cordless design
30-days battery life
IPX7 waterproof rating
Pulse cleaning technology
Provides a complete clean
Free shipping

Main features

Another fantastic option if you’re looking for a water flosser is the one from BetterFloss Pro. Equipped with a bunch of promising features, BetterFloss Pro has the potential of becoming an irreplaceable part of your dental hygiene routine. There are three water flow modes, namely normal (for normal cleaning), soft (for first-time users and those with sensitive gums), and massage (for massaging gums and cleaning narrow spaces). BetterFloss Pro can produce 1200 times/min high-frequency water flow which effectively cleans food residue and dirt on your teeth. Another exciting feature of this water flosser is its exceptionally long battery life. Once fully charged, BetterFloss Pro can be used approximately 60 times, which roughly translates into 30 days of twice-a-day use! That is significantly longer than the majority of water flossers currently available online.

Portability and Design

In terms of design, BetterFloss Pro looks a bit different from the rest of the market. With a touch of red and blue, it definitely looks pleasing to the idea. However, BetterFloss Pro has more to offer than just pretty appearance. This water flosser has a relatively large water tank of 260ml, which should be enough to clean for a minute and a half twice a day. Being a rechargeable device, BetterFloss Pro features a magnetic charging port but thanks to magnetic induction, your device is protected from water or dampness. Another great thing about the design of BetterFloss Pro is that it has IPX7 waterproof rating meaning that you can even use this flosser while showering. A side note – BetterFloss Pro is not suitable for soaking in water for a long time. Leaving this water flosser submerged in water for long periods of time may cause damage to the product. You should also use it with water that’s under 40 degrees. Last but not least, BetterFloss Pro is super lightweight and easy to hold, therefore making your dental hygiene routine simple and convenient. It comes in a nice, compact box. The manual is brief and informative.

Ease of use

Using BetterFloss Pro is as simple as ABC. At first you need to do is charge your device, fill the water tank through the lid at the top, and attach a nozzle. From here the controls are really simple. You have two buttons and a LED indicator on your device. The top button is for switching between modes. Just press the button and see the LED indicator light change as the water flow modes change. The button below is called the work button. You have to hold it to get the water flow and release when you want to pause. This may not be very convenient for everyone, but this is only a minor detail.

🦷 Value

Generally speaking, this water flosser is amazing. It has outstanding battery life, large capacity water tank, and uncomplicated controls. Add to that three water flow modes and super strong water pressure and you have probably the best water flosser available in the market. The price is outstandingly low too AND the shipping didn’t cost us any extra, so it’s definitely a win.