How we evaluated water flossers

We’ve selected the most popular affordable water flossers to test them out and rank them according to our criteria.

We asked the following questions to determine the score:

Is it simple to use?

People strive for simplicity. Surely, a bunch of additional features might be fun, but they also overcomplicate the use of the product. That’s why it was imperative to determine the simplicity of use of these water flossers. If the controls are overly complicated, the device naturally loses points. It also goes the other way around.

Does it have any unique design features and is it compact?

It’s only natural that a water flosser will be a slightly larger device than, say, an electric toothbrush. However, they still have to maintain certain design standards because no one wants a bulky device either. That’s why we also checked whether these water flossers are space-saving and easy to carry around.

Are the accessories included?

The more nozzles a water flosser has, the better. That’s why the number of accessories played a part in ranking these water flossers.

How effective is it?

The purpose of a water flosser is to clean hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. That’s why water flossers have an advantage against regular dental floss. However, each device may differ in terms of water pressure and overall performance, so that’s why we had to check whether a water flosser maintains its purpose.

How much is it?

The selected water flossers are already the most affordable ones out there. However, we did look into the overall picture of these devices, their features, and their ultimate price.

What about shipping costs?

Shipping and extra fees were the last criteria we looked at while testing these water flossers. We paid attention to various costs as some brands out there tend to put substantial shipping fees on products, leading to quite an expensive purchase. Hence, we preferred lower shipping costs or free shipping.