Oxyjet technology
On-demand button
3 intensity levels and 1 nozzle
Cordless design
Focused or rotational stream

Main features

Even though it’s the fourth on our list, Oral-B is just as worthy of attention as other options. Perhaps the most striking feature of this oral irrigator is the advanced Oxyjet technology that helps eliminate plaque associated bacteria for healthier gums. Another nice thing about this water flosser is that it has 3 different intensity levels and a small switch on the nozzle that either does a focused stream or a rotational one.

Portability and Design

Just like most oral irrigators, Oral-B has the convenient cordless design that enables you to take this device wherever you go. It’s not heavy or bulky and the box includes easy to read brief instructions and a comprehensible manual. The box also contains a charging port with a decent length power cord, the device itself, manual, and one nozzle. The lack of accessories is a significant disadvantage, hence the reason why Oral-B could not rank higher.

Ease of use

The singular nozzle is slightly difficult to properly attach and remove (there is an ejection button on top that helps with removal, but it’s still a bit of a hassle). The device won’t work if the water tank is empty. It charges just fine and is relatively compact, so there’s no issue with that. Controls are quite easy as well. From top to bottom we have a power button (also used for continuous stream), on-demand mode (pulsating), and intensity selection (3 levels). In the back of the device there is a lid to top up the water tank.

🦷 Value

All things considered, this Oral-B is a decent option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money. It’s easy to use, it’s quite effective, and one cannot complain about its design either. However, the lack of accessories was seriously disappointing and we also had to pay for shipping.