5 water flow levels
Cordless design
60 seconds of use on the strongest setting
Ultrasonic water jet
Two ultra-narrow nozzles
Provides a complete clean
Removes plaque

Main features

Another great option if you’re looking for an oral irrigator is this fine gadget from Panasonic. Equipped with a bunch of exciting features, it surely deserves the third place. This water flosser comes with extra narrow nozzles that increase the water jet speed, even if the water pressure stays at the same level. This, in turn, generates water bubbles that increase the cleaning power. An advanced ultrasonic technology helps clean sensitive periodontal pockets and removes plaque that’s left after brushing.

Portability and Design

An oral irrigator made stylish – that’s Panasonic. A sleek and sophisticated design will surely fit in anyone’s bathroom. Not to mention its convenient cordless design. Of course, since it’s operated by batteries, you must make sure it’s charged before use. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage because due to cordless operation, you can use this Panasonic water flosser wherever you go, but if it runs out of battery, you have to find a place to charge it. It takes approximately an hour to fully charge. But the device is really compact, and the water tank tops up easily. It’s also super easy to assemble, all the nozzles attach easily, you just to press the button to release when removing. It’s a bit loud though, almost like an electric toothbrush.

Ease of use

Using this device is super easy and convenient. You can choose between five levels of water pressure and adjust it to suit your needs. Controls top to bottom are as following: power button, intensity level switch button, lights to indicate water pressure level (1-5), low battery indicator light, and charging status indicator. To make matters even better, this device remembers your last-used water flow strength for the next time you use it. Being able to fully charge in just an hour, this Panasonic oral irrigator will surely become an irreplaceable part of your everyday dental hygiene routine. Not to mention the large 200ml water tank that gives you 60 seconds of continuous use on the strongest level of water pressure. What was a bit disappointing is the lack of accessories. Panasonic comes with a long charging cable, the charging stand, and only two nozzles.

🦷 Value

Generally speaking, this Panasonic oral irrigator is a lovely choice. However, it lacks a lot of accessories and it’s definitely not the cheapest option, too. The shipping cost are pretty standard, which is not too much but it still adds up. You might find this device in stores, but it could be more expensive than online.