Large water tank
6 nozzles included
Automatic shut off
Pressure dial
2 modes

Main features

Although coming last, this Waterpik water flosser is still a great option for anyone considering leveling up their oral hygiene game. It has been clinically proven to remove up to 99.99% of plaque from difficult to reach areas and it is also said to be 50% more effective than string flossing when it comes to gum health. Not to mention that Waterpik is accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA). It’s a great hygiene tool for different needs of your whole family to use.

Portability and Design

It’s definitely the largest device on this list, but on the bright side, it’s not very heavy. It comes almost completely assembled in the box. Once you open it, you will find an instruction manual and the device itself. You should keep it away from water and there’s also a warning not to use it on other body areas and under the tongue due to strong water pressure. A good thing is that it shuts down automatically after 5 minutes of continuous use. That’s because you’re not supposed to use it longer than that, and with 2 hour breaks in between. The plug is attached to the main device, but the cord is long enough. The water tank is very big and opens simply by just lifting the lid. It would be quite nice, but this device is totally not suitable for trips.

Ease of use

Controls of this water flossers are fairly simple. The controls top to bottom are as following: power button, mode selector button (Floss or Massage), pressure control dial (1-10). The handle also has an On/Off function so you can select when to start the water stream. Waterpik comes with seven nozzles, although two of them are identical. Namely, Orthodontic (for general use or braces), PikPocket (extra thin tip for periodontal pockets), Plaque Seeker (for implants, crowns, bridges, retainers, or general use), Toothbrush tip (for general use, resembles an electric toothbrush with a water hole in the middle), Classic jet tip, and Tongue cleaner. This water flosser needs to be plugged in to work. Attaching or removing nozzles is fairly simple. It’s not the loudest device on this list, so that’s a plus.

🦷 Value

Overall, Waterpik is not a bad choice. It’s relatively cheap and has all the right features. Its ease of use and accessories are a solid 7/10 and it’s quite effective. However, it’s definitely not the best in terms of design and it’s also the most expensive one on this list. The shipping costs extra too, so we couldn’t rank Waterpik higher.